Friday, January 13, 2012

fighting the world

i've decided that i am going to stop fighting the world in a few ways (not all) but i have come to realize that i might be a little bit happier if i make some changes and just go with the world changes.
1.) baby monitors - i didn't register or really want the video monitor when gavin was born. i had in my mind that if he is crying its a no brainier you go see what is wrong or what he needs. if i had the video monitor i'd look at the picture and still get up and see what was going on. i wouldn't change the early stages of not having a video monitor but now that gavin is almost 4- and the last 2 weeks he does not want to stay in his room to sleep - i kind of wish i had one. i've been waking up every hour wondering when he might come walking into our room. only for me to walk him back and then sit on the floor until he falls back to sleep. so far i've only had to get out of bed once per night and sit in the dark for 25min.

2.) baby seats/buckets- i said we don't need to have two buckets/one for each car. i thought that was just the craziest idea that others would have one in each car. we would just switch cars and split the week up and monday, wednesday, and friday the same person would just drop off and pick up and then the other on tuesday and thursday. all to save $60 and a little bit of plastic!!

3.) maternity clothes- i have been trying to use what i have in my stash- happy to know there are things that don't fit me this time (bc i'm not wearing an XL- amen!). BUT i've been so uncomfortable and now that i am 5 weeks out i decided instead of being uncomfortable and making due- i splurged on maternity underwear... who knew they would be the answer to feeling less uncomfortable. i tried not to buy anything new and if i did it had to be on sale. today i bought myself a whole outfit!!! i can't wait to wear it! all this time i was telling myself just wear what i have and afterwards you will be happy to spend the money on new "real" clothes. perhaps when i see all these pregnant co-works they are happy and bubbly bc they have just gone with the flow of buying maternity clothes like your buying "real" clothes. they never gave it a thought that why invest in so many when you only use them for 9 months (ugh ... 9 months is forever)!

we went out last weekend and bought the second base for the infant car seat. we also bought gavin his new booster car seat and got 2!!! (i had $35 in coupons to use so this really helped me bit the bullet). i plan to go buy the video monitor this weekend (its on sale and i have $15 in coupons). i'll keep you posted on other things that i've been fighting the world on and finally gave in.

i am pretty sure i'm the minority on all the above but if i'm not i'd love to hear from you and if you have the same thoughts?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

olive returned for christmas...

olive returned for chirstimas... we waited to let gavin find him on christmas morning.he was pretty excited to come downstairs and find him on top of all his presents from santa!