Tuesday, April 24, 2012

making me laugh

confessions of a scary mommy by jill smokler- i am truly laughing out loud while reading this book. since I have been home on maternity leave I've been watching the today show every morning. they featured a segment on jill and her book and just some of the crazy confessions of mom's. at that moment i packed henry up and we were on our way to barnes and noble to get my own copy. i highly recommend this book if you have kids or even going to have kids.

scary mommy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


this is how henry sleeps the best if we are at home... on the dryer with the vacuum running next to him. i can't quite understand how he can sleep with all that movement and noise... i like peace and quite! several baby books that i have been reading suggest soothing your baby with loud noises like a vacuum, hair dryer or static along with movement (mostly head bobbing). with gavin i was able to follow the happiest baby on the block method but since henry is not cooperating with taking a pacifier we are short one of his 5 steps. you need all 5 to be successful.

henry is particular about his movement he likes either the car, the dryer, and bouncing on an exercise ball- two of those methods are costing me a pretty penny to run. i have been reminding him that he only has 3 more weeks of this bad habit before he has to go to daycare because they will not be driving him around or placing him on a dryer. hope we get this figured out sooner or later- it will make going back to work a tad easier on me. i hate to think that he will be crying all day long.

* please note that i do not leave the area when he is on the dryer.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


i wish i was blogging more about the topics i want to blog about but for now i am just blogging about life - seems easier to write about right now.

henry is a tiny bit better... we started the prevacid and it seems to be helping. over the weekend we tried out a new formula "gentalese" by enfamil. i had heard all these wonderful story's about how great it was and my pediatrician said go for it. it seemed to help henry but as day 2 came we started to see blood in his stool again... which means that he can't digest the protein in the way the formula is made. we are back on alimentum by similac with a call into the pediatrician because he is just miserable. on a good note he is getting one good chunk of sleep at night (3-5 hours in a row) so we don't have our days and nights mixed up yet.

we are on our way to michigan this weekend for easter and a long week...  i've started to pack but feeling a tad overwhelmed with what i should bring.... trying to keep things to a minimum. any advice from other mom's that have traveled lately with young ones?