Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest trail number 3 and 4...thumbs down and thumbs up


vinegar in place of jet dry thumbs down! i recently tried this and wishing i didn't.... my wedding silverware from pottery barn has held up for 7 years nicely  but now it almost looks like they have a permanent water stain. also some of the plates and bowls had a strange film feeling and all my dishes smelled like vinegar. i didn't think you really needed to have jet dry as a regular product in your dish cleaning until my mom told me when they bought their new dishwasher the sales associate informed her to get the best cleaning functionality from your dishwasher you will want to use jet dry. since i have been using jet dry on a regular basic and noticed that when the load is finished my dishes tend to be dryer and less spotting.

"bar keepers friend" on my scratched up plates thumbs up! i tried another pinterest tip using "bar keepers friend" cleanser and polish on our dishes from macy's (we also got for our wedding). our dishes from macy's. over time they have gotten covered in scratch marks from our silverware. after calling the manufacture and no help from them i saw this pin and  i'm so glad i didn't have to buy new dishes.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

magic eraser

i bought a burberry purse on ebay about 3 years ago and knew i was paying way too much on it ...but its a classic and i will have it forever. around 9 months ago i felt like it was getting a little dirty- i started to ask around to see if anyone knew of a "good" dry cleaner that could do the job right. 

after much debating i decided to stop in the burberry store at easton and see what they recommend. i admit i was scared to go inside and embarrass myself if this purse that i all along have thought was real (and paid too much for it) was a knock off. when the sales associate approached me i started off saying, "i received this purse as a gift and i am not sure if it's a knock off but if it's real do you recommend i clean it?" the sales associate took a look and confirmed it is the real deal (sigh). AMEN!

he told me since its italian nylon that you can use a magic eraser to clean it or mild soap and water. i was really confused and repeated his instructions- he confirmed a $2.99 magic eraser would make it look brand new. next stop target...  tested one area and it defiantly magically cleaned the dirt off. waited to see if it was going to leave a big water stain or worse bleach it... after 10 mins nothing happened so i cleaned the rest of the purse and it looks brand new!

who knew buying an expensive purse would only need a $2.99 cleaning?!