Monday, March 19, 2012

you get what you get and you don't throw a fit....

we use this saying a lot with Gavin and now I need to say it to myself... we are happy to have our new addition but henry is following his brothers steps...  even making bigger steps ... he is fussy, colicky, cries A LOT, has acid reflux and just doesn't sleep well. I am telling myself that I will get through this (you get what you get and don't throw a fit)... I did with Gavin. some how this is making me a stronger person or I am suppose to learn something from this?! week by week i have hope that we are moving forward...

I wish I could say that all the techniques/products that are out there are helping and I have tried them all this time:

Colic Calm - beware its BLACK and turns your baby's lips/mouth and poop black. my MIL bought this for us and warned me that it was indeed black... I gave it to henry and not but 5 mins later my neighbor was knocking at the door to see him... I felt like she was looking at me like I was nuts and that i was posining my baby (LOL)... warning do this when you are certain no one will be seeing him soon :)!

Gripe Water- he seems to like it when I give it to him but in 5 mins we are back to bright red face crying. the only cute part of giving this to him is his lips are like a baby bird waiting for more...

Alimentum- we didn't change gavin to this until 4 months and saw some changes - at least our new pediatrician is quick to trying new methods. costs $26 for a small can and lasts us about 5 days... I'd pay $100 if it works!!! (also, smells really bad)

Zantac- started last week to see if this would sooth henry's acid reflux.... we've been on it for a week and haven't noticed a dramatic difference. it never worked for gavin either.

Prevacid- adult medication to treat acid reflux... we used this with gavin and had better results... we went back to the doctors today and we are going to try this... I'll check back in and let you know if we see any big results later this week or next week.

I have 8 more weeks of maternity leave and as much as I would like to say I'm enjoying my time away from the working world... some days its 10x's harder than just going to work and juggling a family while working. i fear that when I do need to return to work henry will not have made any progress and I have to drop him off to daycare and hope that someone else is going to have the patience to hold him, rock him, or just listen to him cry for hours and not get upset. I know from experience that things change daily with kids and in just as short of a week what they are doing can change to something else. therefore, in 8 weeks henry could be just fine!

so many people told me ... your second will be SO much easier!!! there is some truth to that ... I know more than I did the first time. BUT so far I am not going to believe that it's easier... I promise to never use this statement while talking to others that are expecting or thinking of having more children. in the meantime... i am just going to go with... you get what you get and don't throw a fit!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's a boy....

Henry William Farkasovsky arrived in the world at 10:17 am on February 17th.  It's already been 3 weeks and we are still learning about each other- (a lot about each other).  I have managed to get the nursery almost finished (with the help of so many awesome ideas from pinterest and etsy)- I would have had this done had we found out what we were having but, I am so glad we stuck to our guns and waited!

Modern Birth Announcement from Simplicity Papers

Monogram Oval Dots Vinyl Sticker from AllOnTheWall

Vintage cross-stitch handmade by my Grandma Fracke (updated with a new frame from Hobby Lobby)

I think he likes his room!