Tuesday, April 9, 2013

good bye march...

i am happy to say good bye to march in hopes that april will bring a health and happy home. we have all had the flu not once but twice. i ask myself how that happens! and poor henry has had one ear infection after another this friday could not come fast enough... tubes!

i've been told that the tubes will "change his life". i'm not sure what to expect... i was in 6th grade when i had tubes as well as my tonsils and adenoids removed and i remember it vividly. i know that henry is too young to remember any of this but i just hope it works.

aside of hating to be sick i feel like we have missed so much work. you can only tell your boss so many times that your sick or your kids are sick before they wonder- right! believe me... i have enough work that i can't afford to miss a day or days on end.