Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little free library

I saw this on pinterest and I really want to have one in my backyard. Take a book leave a book- the basic idea is its a gathering place where neighbors share their favorite books and stores- stop by and pick up a book and bring another book to share.

The only thing standing in my way right now is the cost to purchase one - they range in price from $175 to $1,000. If I could build one I would but I don't have those building skills. I will add this to my birthday list this year!

I think Gavin and Henry would have a lot of fun stocking the library and receiving. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweetie pea!

Henry turned 2 today... we celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a cute donut theme. I bought the DYI donut birthday pack from Lauren Hoddox Design on Etsy this year. It came with all the files for me to print off and use (invitation, thank you notes, favor tags and much more).

We ordered a cake from the local bakery as well as all the donuts. Served juice, milk water and a coffee bar. I also made yogurt parfaits and had fruit.

The kids went home with a Curious George book, The Donut delivery. I decided to splurge on a single favor item instead of getting a bunch or small junky stuff that I always throw away. I hope the kids didn't mind!

I like to keep the party small- after all he really doesn't need a ton of anything - Christmas was just two months ago. Of course we invited family and then three family friends.

Happy Birthday, Henry William!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Work trip

Getting away is good for me! I don't travel as much anymore for work and I like it this way... flying is not something I enjoy doing. It's easier when I get in the habit but it's been 5 months since my last trip. My co-worker needed additional help and asked for volunteers - I took this opportunity to push myself outside of my comfort level.

With all the cold and snowy weather we have had in Ohio...sunny warm Scottsdale is beautiful. I thought it was just going to be another meeting inside a drab hotel with no views of the outside. This is my view from my office this week- can't beat it!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sweetie pie turns 6

Today Gavin turns 6! I can hardly believe it... I know that 6 is getting old but the number doesn't really bother me its what's on the inside that makes me think he is still young. Every year brings new experiences, worries and memories. Sweetie pie is just one of the hundred names I call him but when I ask him what mom's nick name is for him he says, Sweetie pie!

Thanks for telling me you love me more than the universe and telling me how beautiful I am when I am getting ready for work. I wonder what this year will bring and what milestones we will cross!

Happy Birthday to you, Gavin Eddie!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


its a new year and i love the feeling of finding new ways to organize at home and work. while i was home from work i wanted to get my basement organized. i've been dreaming of having a shelving unit to put all my holiday (color coordinated with the holiday) bins on with easy access. i found this shelving unit at costco for $149.99 and it didn't take too long to put together. i still have about 3 more christmas bins that have the lights and ornaments that i put up with the christmas tree in the open crawl space. i loved the way this turned out!

Monday, January 6, 2014

soups on...

with all this cold weather i made two pots of soup yesterday. classic chicken noodle i found on pinterest and corn chowder (with potato) my friend shared with me. i like to make soup because it usually doesn't take that long and its not too much food for dinner.

Click here for the recipe

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

fear of the gym

i am technically on PTO (paid time off) from work until the new year and needed to find a gym to go do my 30 minute workout.  we have a free trial for 2 weeks and today i went by myself... barely. i have a fear of gyms! the only reason i get to a gym everyday is because its at work and my co-workers go with me.

today i pulled into the parking lot and it was fairly crowed... almost turning around... i made a few phone calls to try and get my mind off of going in. finally mustered up the courage to get out of my car. i opened the door to the gym and AMEN... there were only 2 people inside! i'm not even sure why i am so afraid of the gym. i don't think anyone is looking at me or that i can't do any of the machines... i hate working out! this same feeling occurs every time i travel for work- i want to use the hotel gym and get the same pit in my stomach.

i tell gavin everyday to be brave and try new things... today i had to follow my own advise!