Tuesday, December 17, 2013

fear of the gym

i am technically on PTO (paid time off) from work until the new year and needed to find a gym to go do my 30 minute workout.  we have a free trial for 2 weeks and today i went by myself... barely. i have a fear of gyms! the only reason i get to a gym everyday is because its at work and my co-workers go with me.

today i pulled into the parking lot and it was fairly crowed... almost turning around... i made a few phone calls to try and get my mind off of going in. finally mustered up the courage to get out of my car. i opened the door to the gym and AMEN... there were only 2 people inside! i'm not even sure why i am so afraid of the gym. i don't think anyone is looking at me or that i can't do any of the machines... i hate working out! this same feeling occurs every time i travel for work- i want to use the hotel gym and get the same pit in my stomach.

i tell gavin everyday to be brave and try new things... today i had to follow my own advise!

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