Wednesday, December 11, 2013

shopping day

this friday is our "shopping day"... i'm feeling a little worried that christmas is in less than 13 days. every year my famous words are, "i will try to be more prepared for the holidays next year!"

this year most of my worry comes from not knowing what to buy the kids. gavin really doesn't ask for much just more of what he already has (a million match box cars) and henry is busy playing with all of gavin's old toys. someone told me that they had the similar feeling for their second child and bought them a few things and then opened a savings account for them. i think this is a good idea and now i am considering buying fewer gifts for henry and adding the rest to his savings account... he is so young he won't really know.

maybe i need to take more advantage of black friday sales or online shopping? i was at the mall last sunday and it was a zoo... here's to hoping we we get out early and beat all the crowds.

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