Wednesday, December 4, 2013

gobble gobble - thanksgiving turkey trot

we signed up for the 8th annual thanksgiving turkey trot in ann arbor this year... it was our "first" thanksgiving trot! we really enjoyed the race and had a lot of fun- i have a feeling we will make this our annual event when we are together.

i've been running on the treadmill and in the back of my mind wanted to run this 5k.  i've only run one other 5k about 10 years ago- running is not my thing. i don't like it and i hate it! although, lately i've been trying to challenge myself to do things outside of my comfort zone.

my mom and gavin signed up for the 1 mile kids fun run and then my husband, niece, brother in law and myself all ran the 5k. i made it to the finish line in 33 minutes- i thought it would take me at least an hour! the course was tough - it was snowing and up a few hills (going down was easier). we did run right by the michigan football stadium - that was super cool.

not sure if i plan to run another 5k in the next 10 years but, i was happy that i completed this goal i had for myself on thanksgiving day.

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