Friday, February 25, 2011

hard decisions... hoping the right decision

today was a rough day for me... we told our sitter that we have decided move to a preschool- this was extremely hard for me as my sitter has been my saving grace. when gavin was born i never wanted to send him to a daycare facility but after interviewing several (at least 25) in home providers we never felt comfortable leaving him at someones home.

while gavin was in daycare we came across many challenges but than met a wonderful women who saved my life. she was so kind and cared for all the kids but she and gavin had the best connection- it was meant to be! shortly after he moved into his next room she decided to leave and stay home with her grandson- i called her right away to find out if she wanted to watch more kids (meaning GAVIN). my lucky day!

at the time i didn't know where she lived and found out it was past where i work- so on an average night it would take us an hour and half to get home. first i thought this was fine- gavin and I would get more time together but than as the winter season came it was tough (bad roads- even longer ride home) but summer came fast too. gavin got to do so many things that i wanted him to do that at a daycare he would never do (go to the local library, get ice cream at the ice cream shop, go on picnics).

here we are a year and half later and we had to let her know that we are leaving. i hope that i can help someone else by sharing her name because she is wonderful and you would be so lucky to have her in your life too. many of my friends tell me that he is going to grow up and go to school one day- i said yes but right now i don't worry about a thing! he is safe and sound and cared for! i hope we are making the right decision!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spending my time on...

another project that has been in the works for some time and i am working hard to finish... i have been in love with making my own cookbook online with the help of tastebook. you enter all your favorite recipes and in the end you have a personalized cookbook of just the recipes you love and use. you can even add quotes and pictures to each page.

so far i have entered about 26 recipes and probably have at least 25 more to go. i try to enter a few every other night so it doesn't seem like its such an overwhelming task. if i continue at this rate i will be finished by the middle of march.

here is the cover i have picked so far.... any ideas for the title? (for now i have yummy :))

Monday, February 21, 2011

rrrroll up the rim.... has started

i am so excited to share with you that rrroll up the rim to win is back and starts today.

just when you you are feeling that spring will never come - join in the tim horton's fun... last year i didn't win as many times as i won in 2009 but i won enough (free coffee) that i get just as excited for this year.

if you win share with me where you purchased and what you won- good luck and see a few tips below on how to successfuly rrroll up the rim...

Here are some of the several ways you can enjoy RRRolling up the rim:

Squeeze & RRRoll
Hold the empty cup with both hands, push the cup in at the top and roll the rim with both thumbs.
Firm, Steady, RRRoll!
Use your hands to hold the empty cup firmly and use both thumbs to roll the rim up.
The One-Thumber
Hold the empty cup with your dominant or writing hand, and use the other thumb to roll.
With both hands on the rim, pull on either side of the empty cup to flatten it, then roll up the rim with both thumbs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

award worthy..... love it!

I meet Mrs. Hopeful about 4 years ago and didn't that much about blogging but she and M at Salutations have helped me create and share through the world of blogging.

Thank you Mrs. Hopeful for my award and I can only take one- as I will struggle with the requirements but still want to be in part of the fun!

Since I took this award , I have to list 7 things about myself and nominate 15 bloggers.

Here it goes 7 things you might not know about me:

1- I have worked at my job for 7 years (that is a really long time)

2- I graduated from college with a Fashion Merchandising and Product Development degree and I am now a Meeting Planner.

3- I have a sister that is 4 years older than I am.

4- Recently stopped drinking soda- I usually only had one a day but thought I'd try giving it up.
5- I am learning about Kefir and just got some yesterday- its supposed to be the healthiest probiotic beverage. I'm not sure I am even going to love drinking it but I will try.

6- Most know this but I am obsessed with my old school planner.

7- I just got an iphone and I have no idea how to answer the darn thing.

8- Never enough hours in a day for me- could I get at least 10 more?

9- Don't ask me where to go to dinner - just make the decision for me.

10- I love shoes - I think I have about 47 pairs upstairs.

11- My favorite ice cream is Jeni's ice cream - salty caramel ROCKS!

I told you 11 because I need to nominate 15 bloggers and I don't have that many yet... but I nominate the following bloggers with this one award:

On the Road Again
French Hen Farm
Get Your Martha On
Thanks you Mrs. Hopeful! To those I nominated - keep on blogging.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

can't stop thinking about....

do you ever find an item that you just can't stop thinking about... this happens to me way to often that i end up folding and having to buy. i spotted this skirt in my latest glamour magazine article, minneapolis street style: 5 cute outfit ideas to try:

Outfit Idea #1: a Striped Skirt and Bright Cardigan
“I like to look polished but eclectic. The skirt is from genius local designer Anne M. Cramer. I love it with these thick tights, a Lilly Pulitzer cardigan, Kate Spade earrings and Louboutin pumps.”
—Danica Cohen, 23, corporate manager .

if i end up buying this- what color would you pick-moss or navy?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011.... a fresh start

just a few of my goals for a new year....

1. always save money ... as much as we can!
2. blog more
3. don't be lazy at night- get energized and don't find yourself on the couch
4. drink water... lots of water
5. wash my face everynight as soon as i get home from work or after i put gavin to bed = less breakouts :)
6. my favorite one... use up and/or get rid of everything in the house before buy new
7. clear my head of all evil

i love having a fresh start to the year- what a great feeling it is to move on and say goodbye 2010 and hello 2011.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kid rock

we just went to see kid rock in concert two weeks ago and he again it goes down in my books as one of my all time favorite concerts. if you don't know it kid rock is from my home town- detroit and he is my 8th grade english teachers god son. i still have a conection to my old english teacher and have asked him if he could get me the hook up for his concerts but he hasn't talked to him in some time.

this year kid rock turned 40 and had one awesome celebration in detroit with many stars including my other all time favortie sheryl crow. i heard this concert sold out in 9 mins - my husband surprised me with tickets to the columbus show. i wasn't so sure how he would be in concert not in my home town- but he was just as good. he thanked everyone for coming and spending their hard earned money to see him and promised to give us an unforgetable show. he is someone that is true to his roots and i think that speaks volume these days.
if you ever have the chance to see him in concert - i promise you will get your moneys worth.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tuesday's love pearls....

every single year, once or twice, plan and take a real vacation! even if it's in your own backyard. a vacation means vacating your heart and soul of work and routine worry... so that you can return refreshed.