Monday, February 21, 2011

rrrroll up the rim.... has started

i am so excited to share with you that rrroll up the rim to win is back and starts today.

just when you you are feeling that spring will never come - join in the tim horton's fun... last year i didn't win as many times as i won in 2009 but i won enough (free coffee) that i get just as excited for this year.

if you win share with me where you purchased and what you won- good luck and see a few tips below on how to successfuly rrroll up the rim...

Here are some of the several ways you can enjoy RRRolling up the rim:

Squeeze & RRRoll
Hold the empty cup with both hands, push the cup in at the top and roll the rim with both thumbs.
Firm, Steady, RRRoll!
Use your hands to hold the empty cup firmly and use both thumbs to roll the rim up.
The One-Thumber
Hold the empty cup with your dominant or writing hand, and use the other thumb to roll.
With both hands on the rim, pull on either side of the empty cup to flatten it, then roll up the rim with both thumbs.


  1. I think of you every time I see an ad for this and I probably always will. I wish you the VERY BEST of luck this rrrrroll up the rim season :)

  2. Thanks- although I have not had very good luck so far this season... but I'm not giving up.