Tuesday, February 15, 2011

can't stop thinking about....

do you ever find an item that you just can't stop thinking about... this happens to me way to often that i end up folding and having to buy. i spotted this skirt in my latest glamour magazine article, minneapolis street style: 5 cute outfit ideas to try:

Outfit Idea #1: a Striped Skirt and Bright Cardigan
“I like to look polished but eclectic. The skirt is from genius local designer Anne M. Cramer. I love it with these thick tights, a Lilly Pulitzer cardigan, Kate Spade earrings and Louboutin pumps.”
—Danica Cohen, 23, corporate manager .

if i end up buying this- what color would you pick-moss or navy?


  1. Tough call, but I say for you the navy... looks like you.

  2. Very cute! Could serve as an easter outfit!?! :)

    I left you some awards on my blog today...

  3. agreed - I love them both but the navy reminds me of you - you could ROCK THIS skirt - better than the model even!