Friday, February 25, 2011

hard decisions... hoping the right decision

today was a rough day for me... we told our sitter that we have decided move to a preschool- this was extremely hard for me as my sitter has been my saving grace. when gavin was born i never wanted to send him to a daycare facility but after interviewing several (at least 25) in home providers we never felt comfortable leaving him at someones home.

while gavin was in daycare we came across many challenges but than met a wonderful women who saved my life. she was so kind and cared for all the kids but she and gavin had the best connection- it was meant to be! shortly after he moved into his next room she decided to leave and stay home with her grandson- i called her right away to find out if she wanted to watch more kids (meaning GAVIN). my lucky day!

at the time i didn't know where she lived and found out it was past where i work- so on an average night it would take us an hour and half to get home. first i thought this was fine- gavin and I would get more time together but than as the winter season came it was tough (bad roads- even longer ride home) but summer came fast too. gavin got to do so many things that i wanted him to do that at a daycare he would never do (go to the local library, get ice cream at the ice cream shop, go on picnics).

here we are a year and half later and we had to let her know that we are leaving. i hope that i can help someone else by sharing her name because she is wonderful and you would be so lucky to have her in your life too. many of my friends tell me that he is going to grow up and go to school one day- i said yes but right now i don't worry about a thing! he is safe and sound and cared for! i hope we are making the right decision!

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