Wednesday, March 18, 2009

about abk design

I was born an entrepreneur with an eye for style and a passion for starting a business of my own. I began at the age of 14, setting up a jewelry booth at my hometown’s annual summer festival with a card table and handmade sign saying "Bunches of Beautiful Beads". I still has the poster in my mom’s basement! Inspired by my early success and realizing that I could design bracelets that are custom made and affordable, I coaxed my friends and family to hold home parties and in no time, my fashionable bracelets caught on and abk design blossomed into existence. Some of my most popular products include keepsake bracelets for moms and grandmothers with sterling silver cubes spelling out the child’s name, Ohio State Buckeye bracelets, the Tiff, and bridal party bracelets personally designed for the bridesmaids.

In 2004 I added a new line, once again spawned from my own desire to create a product that was both utilitarian and affordable - abk design personalized stationery. This soon became a joint venture with my sister, Kristin. I design the stationery while my sister creates handmade felt bags that coordinate with the theme of the note cards and matching envelopes. Our trial run in October 2006 of a darling Halloween black felt bag trimmed with orange ribbon and a white ghost proved to be an instant success as was the Christmas promotion.

The newest design added to abk design centers around my four year old niece! Absolutely darling barrettes perfectly compliment every outfit of an active little girl, from jeans to fancy dresses! What could be more fun! Once again, mixing practicality with affordability!

This is a snapshot of the journey so far! Remember --- “You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough!”

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