Thursday, August 5, 2010

blog worthy

we are blog worthy! i was excited to see that our family photos were posted on our photographers blog ( i  have been a huge fan of her for about 3 years and my husband bought me a gift certificate to have our family pictures taken for my birthday. i am so happy that i received this as a gift because i would never have bought this myself. we had such a great time and i really had a hard time picking which photographs to purchase... i wanted them all. (please tell me that i will receive this as a gift again next year)!
i bought two frames from pottery barn outlet in february and actually have them hanging on the wall in the living room waiting for pictures. i have two pictures that hopefully tell a story about us that will fit perfectly. 
she told me two weeks until we will get our pictures... good thing i am so busy at work right now that they should be done by the time i get back from anaheim.

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  1. Okay, Amy, now let's see the pictures in the frames!!! =)