Sunday, December 5, 2010

great finds....

french hen barn had their first holiday barn sale and i had to go... and its a good think i got there when they opened! look at all the great finds i brought home with me! within 5 mins i had a pile behind the counter and could have bought so much more. i even had to make a trip to the atm and come back.
while shopping i ran into my friends happy hopefuls and salutations- i can't wait to see what they bought. can't wait for the next sale- i won't miss it!


  1. I ended up buying nothing because I just didn't need anything for myself and I didn't find anything that I had to buy for someone else... That and I didn't have any cash! :)

    Your things look great! I have one of those glove forms and I use it to hang my jewelry on... just a thought....

  2. oh my gosh! Those things look sooo cute in your house! I always wonder how people use the things they buy. Really really adorable! You got some of my favorite things!!! Glad you had fun!
    Stay warm and enjoy the snow!
    Happy Holidays!