Tuesday, January 4, 2011

love pearls by nancy swan drew

i have some great books around the house... my mom gave me this book for my birthday in 2001. (if you give someone a book make sure you write and date in the front cover- i always love to look and see who and when i got the book) :). the author writes on the first page, thank you for being my lovely, inside and out, precious daughter. please do me a huge favor and live an enchanted life. no one deserves it more than you. love, mom

i've decided to share some of this book with you weekly... i will post something from the book worth reading and thinking about every tuesday.

today's: honor - who you are and who you will become. leave room in your busy life for those that adore you... just in case you ever question your magic!


  1. at first I thought this was about some jewels... however, I love books too!

  2. I'm not really a reader, but I like when other people read and tell me good quotes or stories that they read about in books. It inspires me to read, but I still don't.

    Anyway, I like this way of thinking... Sometimes life just sneaks up on us and then it's over... I feel this way especially about holidays. Can't believe that it's already time to start things over again in the new year...