Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am kind of wishing they didn't exist anymore... it seems as if every month I am having to figure out what is fair and what we will do. It would be so much easier if our family lived closer and there would be not as much traveling involved. The only easy holiday that I feel is not "as" stressful is... Thanksgiving. Every other year we go to the spouses parents home (Michigan or Hilton Head).

My feelings for holidays all started around Christmas this year... all the running around and talking about where we are going to spend a few hours of a particular named holiday was too much. Just because a certain day is tagged Christmas Eve or Christmas than we start talking about where we will spend that day/night. I told myself that just because that day is tagged "Christmas" doesn't mean that if we were to celebrate it a day after or even the weekend before can be just as meaningful/eventful.

In 3 weeks it's fathers day and I am having that feeling all over again. We usually have an annual golf outing that we organize (this year we have changed the date) and my in laws always come up. For the past 6 years I have not spent this weekend/day with my dad. I feel he has gotten the short end of the stick (but because he is such an awesome dad) he had never once said anything- he always seemed to understand. Since we have moved the golf outing to a later date I feel we should go home  (Michigan) to see my dad. But since my in laws are here it makes it difficult to just leave... on top of having a newborn- when it was just Gavin I had not a thought of jumping in the car and going home- now with two it just seems to be so much harder right now. (I might have to break down and get a mini-van which is a whole post its self)

All this would be so much easier if we all just live in the same city- but we don't!  I've got to get this figured out so I can stop thinking about it every holiday.


  1. You should go home. Just do it. Start packing now and just do it! You deserve to spend time with your family and your in-laws will survive.

    Oh and you should get a mini-van! I'm asking for one for my 30th birthday.... I'm serious.

  2. I agree that you have to do what you feel is right! Especially if you know that when that weekend arrives you will be wishing you went to see your dad... thats not fair to anyone!

    I am not the biggest advocate of the mini-van, although I am sure if I had 2 kids under 5 I would prob be on board :)