Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pinterest inspired... laundry room

I'm going to try to post once a week a pinterest inspired project. When we bought our new house I was happy to have a laundry room on the first level. As the first year came and gone I realized that this room was just not a good use of space. We looked into having the washer and dryer moved to the basement and turning this room into a real mudroom. After two attempts this was out of our price range for now.

Pinterest has become my new obsession and I love that I can file all these great ideas in one place. So I collected some ideas and we had a friend help us on a much cheaper level make this room a tad more usable.Below is the "before" picture- I realize this is not the best "before" picture to share but I forgot to take one before the project got started.



Here are my ideas I pined on pinterest to help me design.

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