Thursday, November 10, 2011

is there ever an end....

i love all the projects that i get into around the house or just in general but some days i wonder if i will ever feel that i've completed them? my list just keeps growing even though i am crossing projects off. some of my projects are because i don't like to just sit and watch tv -i like to have something to do while watching tv.

the other projects are around the house to make my house what i envision it to be- these are the projects that weigh me down (at least today i feel like they are). if only i'd win the lottery!!
my current house project looks like this:

- paint my bedroom

- new tile in master bathroom

- new carpet throughout the house

- paint the nursery

- get nursery ready

- get hooks for towels in guest bathroom

- get another twin bed for gavin's room

- make pottery barn baseball sign for den

- new furniture for living room

- move washer and dryer to the basement

- create mud room

- get glass block windows in the basement

- hang tv's

- new ceiling fans in bedrooms

- replace gold door knobs with rubbed bronze

- finish painting the deck (this will have to wait now)

- paint the garage

- paint and redesign gavin's play room

- make basement hang out area "cooler"

- and a million ideas from pinterest.....

my craft list:

- need to find a holiday craft to make for gifts for all

- make another leaf garland (post coming soon)

- make my michigan banner

- make some baby items for sister in laws shower

- make thanksgiving crafts with gavin this weekend

i think why i am feeling so overwhelmed is that i just don' have my same energy right now... my hips are starting to hurt and the extra weight is "weighing" me down.

someday i want to sit back and enjoy all the things that i did get done! just don't know when that will be yet.

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  1. Once this list is done, does list making stop? no. You're going to FOREVER have a list of things that you want to do.

    I feel this way, all the time. And honestly I think it gets worse when you are pregnant.

    Which by the way... CONGRATS!!!! This is very exciting! You need to blog about this!

    What are you having? When are you due!?