Friday, November 18, 2011

thanksgiving leaf garland

i was at pottery barn kids about 3 weeks ago and they had the cutest kid decorations for thanksgiving! so many stores have forgotten this holiday and moved straight to christmas...i happen to be in the mood to buy. i treated gavin to a thanksgiving design place mat, plate and cup . they also had this super cute leaf garland and i picked it up and was on my way to the register and happen to check the price... it was $49 - yikes. i took another look at it and decided that i could make my own.

here is pottery barns version:

check out my version from supplies i picked up at joann's: (again i can't understand why i can't rotate these photos - perhaps it's because i took them on my iphone?)

total cost of mine $10 and i still have enough supplies to make another banner.

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