Thursday, November 3, 2011

spider balls

aka... osage oranges. do you have funny memories you remember about growing up? this is one of them for me... my dad would stop and collect "spider balls" from the side of the road and told us they keep the spiders away (i believed him).
about a year ago i was driving to get my coffee on a saturday morning and almost found myself doing the same thing my dad taught us to do- pull over and collect the "spider balls" for decorating and ofcourse to keep the spiders away. instead of stopping the next weekend my mom can down for a visit and we loaded gavin up in the wagon and set out on our adventure to find the stash of "spider balls" i spotted in my car. to my surprise i didn't need to walk that far from home... they were right under my nose out my back door. i had no idea!

just last weekend we brought a bag and went out our back door and went "spider ball" picking. funny the things you pass onto your kids because someone told you about it. gavin loves the adventure and is so very proud when he finds one. i'm pretty sure he believes they keep spiders away as he came running up from the basement looking for a spider ball as he needed it to keep the spider away that was down there.

(i have no idea how to get these pictures to turn- i've spent to much time trying to figure it out- sorry you need to turn your head to see)

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